Saturday, February 21, 2009

Limo Ride

Back in the fall Marley's school did a fundraiser. If you sold a certain number of items you would be rewarded with a limo ride and a pizza lunch. Marley sold enough to get the prize. That day I had to work and was afraid I would miss it. But I ran by the park where they took them to eat pizza and found the limo. As I rounded the corner I saw kids. Marley was still there. When I got up to her she wasn't very happy. As the limo was taking her back to school it broke down. So the kids were waiting for a ride back to school.
They all had to ride the bus back to school. How disappointing!
They rescheduled the limo ride for a later date. It got canceled because it was in a wreck. The next time it got canceled because of weather. I was beginning to think Marley should not get in this limo!

Finally the day came. I showed up to take pictures and was asked to ride along.

I really enjoy being able to do things like this so I can get to know the kids Marley goes to school with.

Jenna even got to ride along. Miss Sassy just got sassier!


Ms Debbie said...

Jenna looks like she was on my street.

Kelly said...

We did go that way! I should have taken her picture when we passed your house. We should have planned this. You could even have been on your porch!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Fun, fun!! I'm glad you were there to supervise "that" limo! ;-) Better late than never, right?