Friday, April 9, 2010

The Never Ending Birthday

Jenna had her 4th birthday last month. Birthdays around here seem to last forever. It seems like we never have time to get all the parties done. Jenna had her first party on her birthday. We had breakfast cupcakes and presents.

The following weekend we went to Nana's where Jenna had spaghetti for her birthday dinner.

Marley was supposed to make Jenna a princess cake. Marley ended up getting sick, so the task was left to me.

Let me tell you, this is the ugliest cake I have ever made! There is a blog dedicated to cake wrecks and this one should be on it! We had been gone all day for Marley's OM. This is what happens when your tired and are rushed.

Jenna still loved it and that is all that matters! With their birthdays a day apart, Jenna and Nana get to share the birthday celebration. But you can see Nana's apple pie beside the cake!

A week later Jenna invited two of her best friends to McDonald's for lunch. Her other bestie couldn't make it in from England. Not sure why!

Don't let these sweet little faces fool you!

These are some sassy girls!

I think we are in trouble in a few years! Oh, who am I kidding we are in trouble anytime they are together!