Friday, January 30, 2009

More Ice Storm

My parents needed more kerosene so Burk braved the road to get it to them. Once he got to Westville the highway to my parents house had been closed, but that did not stop him!
This is what he found when he got there. He said it looked like a war zone.

They are still out of power. They have a broken power line in front of the house and no workers have shown up. So it might be awhile. Looks like we have lots of work to do when this all thaws and we won't have to worry about firewood for next winter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm

We are very fortunate that we still have power. Many in the area do not and may not for a few days. My parents do not have power. They are using a kerosene heater that keeps them pretty warm. It went out on them last night but my dad has it fixed now. They can still use their stove and Mom has a pot of stew on! We have offered to come get them but they are refusing. They said they have trees down all over. They must have a hedge of protection around them. They keep hearing branches fall all around but they have missed the house and the propane tank! My niece Sami lost power yesterday as well. But she is going to come to our house soon. We did lose power yesterday for about 3 hours when this tree finally fell on the power lines.
Burk and the kids went out to inspect and the fireman told them not to play around power lines!!
I have plenty more pictures. I will be them posting soon.

Monday, January 5, 2009


How exciting is being with 2100 other people that God has called to minister to children?  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Christmas Gift

We got our big Christmas gift a few days before Christmas. As you can see the family is full of anticipation!
Here she comes! Rachel was able to come home for Christmas! Look at her all tan!
Here we are waiting for Rachel's luggage. My kids were in awe of the luggage carousel. I was surprised they didn't know what it was. But we have not flown for awhile and with the new regulations we usually drop off and pick up any travelers at the curb. We really need to get them out more!

Hunter's Birthday Dinner

Leaving Little Rock we headed straight to Nana's for Hunter's birthday dinner. Hunter, like Sami, picked fried chicken, mac n cheese and hot rolls!
For dessert he had chocolate cake!

Christmas in Little Rock

The next day we celebrated Christmas. Here is the family shot:
We opened gifts.

Uncle Slade even made it home for Christmas!
And we had a Christmas dinner.

Headed to Little Rock

After school parties we loaded up for Little Rock. When we got to Honey and Grandad's we celebrated Marley and Hunter's birthdays. Each got their own cake. Honey always has party hats and horns for the occasion.

School Parties

The last day of school before break, the kids had Winter Parties! Not only can we not call the Christmas Parties, you can't take younger siblings! That cuts out most parents willing to help! But luckily I found someone to keep Jenna for me. So off to Marley's party I went! When I got there they were watching the movie Elf. They had pizza rolls for snacks and decorated sugar cookies.

When I got to Hunter's party they were playing bingo. Everyone was a winner and got a granola bar. For snack they had cheese, grapes and veggies. What a difference in snacks!
Wow! The holidays are over and things still have not slowed down for us! I am hoping to get the rest of birthday and Christmas caught up here today. I will try to post some in between cleaning, shopping and packing for Nashville. I head out after church tomorrow with our Children's Minister for more training! Sounds fun, but the training is packed full. I am hoping for a little down time!