Monday, November 16, 2009

Pine Car Derby

Hunter's Cub Scouts had their annual Pine Car Derby Race this weekend. Here are some of the fancy cars. Hunter's is the second from the left. The blue truck with metal on it. He was underweight so they had to add some. This was our first year and had no idea how fancy some of them got.

Here is the starting line. It is all computerized. The computer tells which car is running the quickest and what lane each car needs to race on on the next heat.

Here comes Hunter's blue truck in the lead on this heat.

Here is the finish line.

Fancy or not, Hunter got 3rd place in his den! It was quite exciting!

Here is Hunter with his friend Trey.

Nan and Pops were there for the victory! He is showing off his trophy.

We went for celebratory ice cream afterwards!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Those Firemen

This post is from last fall.
I went out to check on the kids climbing the tree. I heard someone talking to them. I looked a little closer...

The firemen were out checking their trucks. One of them thought the kids would like it if he swiveled the ladder around towards the tree. When I came out to take pictures he decided to lower it so...

the kids could be the only ones in our town to have their pictures made like this!

The fireman on the right even posed the kids putting the biggest to the smallest!

He posed them again on the front bumper.

What cute kiddos!

They got to sit the in seats that firemen ride in.

He took their picture with this heat sensor camera. If you look closely you can see their images. Pretty cool. He put his hand on the wall on the truck for a few seconds, then took it off and pointed the camera where his hand had been. You could tell where the heat of his hand was still on the truck.

We have the best firemen!

Movie Theater Tour

Hunter's Cub Scout group toured our movie theater. We were shown how they thread the film.
It goes into this thing below called a "brain." It plays and rewinds the movie at the same time.

It is threaded through the brain and then over to the projector. The light bulb they use is a 2000 watt bulb. After turning the projector off you can't open it up for 15-20 minutes or it will bust and sound like a shot gun.

The film plays from one of the platter and reloads on another.

This was a very interesting tour to go on.

Dumpster Diving

Marley is in Odyssey of the Mind this year. To keep their costs down they went searching for some free materials.
Of course Jenna has to be in the middle of it all!

Tricks and Treats

The day before Halloween the downtown business passed out candy. Marley invited her friend Avery to go with us.
We went by the Firetruck House. Jenna wasn't so sure of this person in the chair. Especially when it started to move!

Tori was passing out candy at her grandma's shop.

Tori is a hoot!

We came across Hunter's buddy Mia.

Little did we know until the next day that Marley and Hunter had gotten some tricks for Halloween. They had lice! We immediately started them on a mayonnaise treatment since we had that at home. We treated Jenna just in case.

Instead of Trick or Treating for Halloween, we went to my Nan and Pop's to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and get the real lice treatments!

Don't worry we didn't use kerosene on them!

Catching Up

I am at home with a sick child today. I thought I would try to catch on on some happenings around here. We will see what happens. Hunter is the one staying home today. I emailed his teacher to let her know. Her reply was "I've missed him today! He's so sweet and stinkin' cute. I hope he feels better soon."