Saturday, February 21, 2009

Limo Ride

Back in the fall Marley's school did a fundraiser. If you sold a certain number of items you would be rewarded with a limo ride and a pizza lunch. Marley sold enough to get the prize. That day I had to work and was afraid I would miss it. But I ran by the park where they took them to eat pizza and found the limo. As I rounded the corner I saw kids. Marley was still there. When I got up to her she wasn't very happy. As the limo was taking her back to school it broke down. So the kids were waiting for a ride back to school.
They all had to ride the bus back to school. How disappointing!
They rescheduled the limo ride for a later date. It got canceled because it was in a wreck. The next time it got canceled because of weather. I was beginning to think Marley should not get in this limo!

Finally the day came. I showed up to take pictures and was asked to ride along.

I really enjoy being able to do things like this so I can get to know the kids Marley goes to school with.

Jenna even got to ride along. Miss Sassy just got sassier!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cooking with Marley

Last night was Marley's night to cook. She wasn't as enthused as Hunter was. In fact, I almost thought we were not going to get dinner at all! But she pulled through. Here she is getting the marinated steaks onto a pan.

Here she is getting her potatoes ready for the microwave.
And here is the finished project: steak, baked potatoes and corn.

This morning Hunter asked me what was for lunch at school today. I told him I had not looked yet. He asked why. Burk told him to tell me that was my job. Hunter answered with a quick "No!" I think he might be getting it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cookie Time!

The cookies are in and now it is time to deliver and collect the money! I should probably be organizing that instead of on the computer!

Conversation Starters

This is a gift my good friend Cammi gave us for our anniversary! The Family Dinner Box of Questions was designed to help families get the most out of this simple but age old tradition. It says pick a card and let the fun begin! Yesterday when I opened this I had extra kids here. I asked them one of the questions. "Where is the coziest spot in your home?" They all answered their beds. I will be sharing more questions and my families answer periodically. But for now, Where is the coziest spot in your home?

Cooking With Hunter

The other day I teased Hunter and asked if he would cook dinner because I was too tired. He said "No, Mom that is your job!" It is my job most of the time but that didn't settle well with me. So I informed him and Marley that they would be cooking dinner one evening the following week. When I sat down to make out my menu and grocery list I told them to pick a day and what they would be cooking. They even went to the store with me to get their ingredients. Hunter chose last night. He was very eager to get started. He chose popcorn chicken, shells and cheese and carrots with Ranch dressing.
Jenna really wanted to help and Hunter really didn't want her to.

Don't worry I surpervised around the stove!

Hunter even made tea for his dad.

Here is Hunter with his plate. Excuse his hair, he said he rested at school!

Hunter even had to clean the kitchen after dinner. He said he enjoyed it and would like to do it again. I am thinking of giving them a budget to buy their food and letting them do the shopping on their own. I thought maybe he appreciated me a little bit more. Until this morning. Hunter will usually make his own toast styx for breakfast. This morning I asked him if he had made his breakfast yet. He said "No Mom, that is your job!" Marley said "Dude! She's going to make us make breakfast!" Looks like this will be an ongoing lesson. I will keep you posted!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This is where we were 12 years ago tonight! 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

For Mia

The other day while driving in the car Hunter and his friend Mia were having a conversation. She was telling Hunter that she was getting a goat. Surprised by this I asked her if her mom knew. She said her dad said she could, if her dad said yes then her mom would say yes, because he is the boss of her! Hunter replied, "My mom is the boss of my dad!" (I told him to make sure his dad knew that!) I was telling Mia how I used to have a goat when I was in about 4th or 5th grade. We got them as babies and had to bottle feed them. They were so cute and then they grew up! It turned into Kelly had a Little Goat that followed her to school one day! We lived next to the school and they would go to the school, climb on the teachers cars, chase the kids and try to get in the school! Thinking I was helping her mom I told Mia all this to discourage her. It didn't work, she went home telling her mom that I used to have one so that meant she could have one! Sorry Cammi, I tried! I promised Mia a picture and here it is:

Our goats were born on St. Patrick's day. My sister named hers Patrick and mine was Murphy. I wanted to add the picture of my sister but I knew she would kill me. I really wanted to show you here stylin' satin jacket she was wearing! She was really cool! Unlike me in my "Purple Pride" shirt! Go Yellowjackets!

Not Good

What could be worse about an ice storm? Well, OK losing power and still not having it. What is second? Losing cable and having a Wii Bowling Tournament and finding out the next day that one of the players whose remote you shared has pink eye! We found out that Hunter had pink eye on Friday. Marley started showing signs Friday evening. Blake got it on Monday. And now I have it! And I am being the biggest baby about it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Clean Up Crew Has Arrived

As of Monday morning my parents are still out of power. We went down yesterday to try to help clean up. Here are some pictures in the daylight.
It is not showing up in these pictures but you can see the downed power line. So until the utility trucks are parked in front of their house they will not have power.

Dad pulled his grill out and made us hamburgers for lunch

Time to get to work! We started at the front!

Jenna even helped!

These two carried their first load to the pile and got a little distracted!

Jenna had to stop to freshen up her lipstick!

We worked for two hours. We filled up the back of Dad's truck. We will have plenty of wood for next winter and maybe the one after that!

Before we started.

And after!

This is going to take awhile!