Monday, June 14, 2010


We have a garden this summer. I am hoping that by growing our own veggies that maybe my family might start eating them. One can hope! And yes the grass outside the garden is growing fast than the things inside! We started everything from seeds. So while some people are starting to harvest we are just now getting blooms. We have gotten about 5 green beans!

We have quite a few tomato plants that have starting blooming. Our peppers didn't make it so Burk bought some plants. We now have a jalapeno pepper...

and a habanero pepper.

I can already taste the salsa!

What a Glorious Day!

Last month Hunter asked Jesus to be the boss over his life! Burk was lucky enough to be home to pray with him. Hunter has been wanting this for awhile but hasn't been quite ready. We told him he would know when God was telling him it was time. One night when Burk was putting him to bed, he asked Burk what it was like in hell. Burk told him. Hunter came out of his room just awhile later and told Burk he didn't want to go to hell. They prayed together. I love this picture, he is barely out of the water and he is smiling! I pray he is always this excited about his relationship with God!

To make this day even better, he got baptized with one of his best buddies, Cam Man!

These boys were born 5 months apart from each other and have grown up together. It was so exciting they could share this special day together!