Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poor Me


Is anyone still there?

You may or may not have noticed I have not posted in awhile. I have been busy with several things. One of which is feeling sorry for myself. I gained several pounds during the ice storm and can’t seem to lose it. But I have started a running program. It is a 9 week course. Well not really a course. It is interval music that I downloaded to Burks Zune. If I follow it correctly I should be running a 5K by the end of the 9 weeks. I have never ran in my life. At this point I think I will be on week one for two weeks! But I am moving. Another reason I am feeling sorry for myself is we have had several pay cuts the last few months. We were already on a tight budget and Burk has been working two jobs leaving me as a single mom several nights of the week. I can hear some of you saying “Why don’t you get a job?” Well I have several jobs. All that let me stay home with the kids. Most jobs pay just enough to cover child care and that is not worth me leaving my kids full time. And I know it is not easy for Burk either, but this is my blog and it is about me!
The other thing I have been busy with is trying to save money. I have found several blogs out there that find all the good sales for you. You just have to read the blog cut your coupons and go get the deals. But even that much is a lot of work. Most blogs are from different areas and prices differ from one region to the next. But so far I have stocked up on some free or very cheap shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and body wash. I have even gotten free mascara! I won’t bore you with details but you can google it or here is one of the blogs I read. I have a few more things to tell you about but I want to try them out first. Don’t worry this will not turn into one of those blogs! But I do want to pass on any good ideas.
I will try to give a brief update on what else has been going on around here soon.


Julie said...

Hey I need to join your running program I started last spring but gave it up pretty fast between my kids and ball and their cattle shows but I am about to put my foot down and say I need some me time and I need to loose the rest that I was trying to last summer. I love to cook and I love sweets.

Hey and who cares what anyone thinks you must do what you have to do. I have been torn on Wed nights we are so swamped right now with ball and other stuff I can't seem to make it there. I feel bad and I know I have upset one person over it maybe 2 since she usually takes my place but as Jon keeps telling me you can only do what you can and your family should come first. But I still feel horrible.

Kelly said...

You should come in and run with me. I need a partner! We need to be able to have some me time witout feeling guilty. And if we were getting in shape it would mean that we would be around longer and be better able to take care of the family!