Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cooking With Hunter

The other day I teased Hunter and asked if he would cook dinner because I was too tired. He said "No, Mom that is your job!" It is my job most of the time but that didn't settle well with me. So I informed him and Marley that they would be cooking dinner one evening the following week. When I sat down to make out my menu and grocery list I told them to pick a day and what they would be cooking. They even went to the store with me to get their ingredients. Hunter chose last night. He was very eager to get started. He chose popcorn chicken, shells and cheese and carrots with Ranch dressing.
Jenna really wanted to help and Hunter really didn't want her to.

Don't worry I surpervised around the stove!

Hunter even made tea for his dad.

Here is Hunter with his plate. Excuse his hair, he said he rested at school!

Hunter even had to clean the kitchen after dinner. He said he enjoyed it and would like to do it again. I am thinking of giving them a budget to buy their food and letting them do the shopping on their own. I thought maybe he appreciated me a little bit more. Until this morning. Hunter will usually make his own toast styx for breakfast. This morning I asked him if he had made his breakfast yet. He said "No Mom, that is your job!" Marley said "Dude! She's going to make us make breakfast!" Looks like this will be an ongoing lesson. I will keep you posted!

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Julie said...

That is great. I try to make Col cook one night and Case cook one night they need to learn sometime. Col does not like it but when his wife has her hands full he needs to be able to step up.