Monday, February 2, 2009

The Clean Up Crew Has Arrived

As of Monday morning my parents are still out of power. We went down yesterday to try to help clean up. Here are some pictures in the daylight.
It is not showing up in these pictures but you can see the downed power line. So until the utility trucks are parked in front of their house they will not have power.

Dad pulled his grill out and made us hamburgers for lunch

Time to get to work! We started at the front!

Jenna even helped!

These two carried their first load to the pile and got a little distracted!

Jenna had to stop to freshen up her lipstick!

We worked for two hours. We filled up the back of Dad's truck. We will have plenty of wood for next winter and maybe the one after that!

Before we started.

And after!

This is going to take awhile!

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