Sunday, May 24, 2009


After the storm passed through we had such an amazing sunset. I missed the best pictures because I was driving. I took these once I got home.

Jenna's Spring Program

Jenna's Spring Program with her preschool was in April. I wish I had this on digital video because it is so funny. She was quite proud of herself on stage. On her right is the triplets from her class. As you can see another little girl is already telling them to behave.
In this picture they have moved one of the triplets away from the other two. Everyone else is looking up because a heavy rain storm was moving through.

In this picture one of the triplets have been removed from the stage! They kept pushing each other. I just knew one would fall down the stairs.

The only one left to push now was Jenna. When he does she turns to him and yells "No!" Then turns back to the crowd and continues smiling!


Hunter has freshly lost a bottom tooth. I don't know if he will ever get his top teeth in. He has another loose one on the bottom. Not good during corn on the cob season!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pool Party Pops

Today we had Luau themed family reunion. The kids and I made Pool Party Cake Pops. We started off by giving teddy grahams bikinis and swimming trunks and put them in gummy life savers.

We then went to get free snow cones from the new snow cone place. When we came back our bears looked like they had been drinking margaritas!

Too many margaritas!

We then put them on the cake pops.

We put them in a cute pail. The heat and humidity did nothing for them! But everyone loved them.

I hesitantly give you the site that I get these ideas from. Hers looks so much better.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jenna Speaks!

The other day the girls and I went to Happy Hour at Sonic. They both wanted to try the Mango Limeade. Of course Jenna spills her all over the back of my car. I asked her how she did it. She said, "Like a river!" Yes it was.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bird Update

On our way to church we had to stop and check on the birds. The last two had hatched. They are still not real cute! This is what they looked like on Sunday.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kentucky Derby

I was invited to a Kentucky Derby party. My mom helped me make my hat.
Cammi is the one who got this all together. So is so festive. She bought this balloon for the festivities. The Balloon Closet makes the best balloons. And yes we had to try a mint julep. We were not real impressed.

Here is all the girls with their fancy hats!

Nikki also made her own hat. It was hard to take Nikki serious that night with the bird looking at you!

We drew numbers out to pick our horses. Sarah's horse came in first. Her prize was the horse picture and some roses. She was very excited!

Jenny's horse came in second. She was Kentucky salt and pepper shakers.

Nikki was this little statue for best hat! Wait until next year Nikki!

Donuts with Daddy

Burk and Hunter at Donuts with Daddy at Hunter's school.


Marley is really stepping it up on the soccer field! She is really getting into the game and even came close to scoring! With just a few games left before the tournament her Pops has told her he would give her $10 for every point she makes! And I told her if she scores a point I will take her to get a pedicure, something is has been begging for.


A robin built a nest on the top on my wreath in the front of the house. As soon as the kids noticed they stacked things up so that they can climb up to peek in. Somehow with no privacy the robin laid four eggs. Today Marley checked and two have hatched.

I have since made them play in the back yard to give the birds some privacy!!