Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Treat!

We finally made it to Walmart and I found these!
Kiss M&M's! If the faces of each band member won't stop you from eating them the price will!

Cowboys Stadium

I just needed to get to Walmart for some hairspray. I knew that it was across from the stadium and I only knew one way to get there. Which was right in front of the stadium. The only thing was that road of blocked off. U2 was in concert! I have never seen anything so crazy!
We could hear the music and the crowd from the outside! The streets outside were lined with limos! I have never seen so many limos in one place! I just kept wondering when you come out how do you know which one is yours!
We saw an armoured truck that was now a limo. And we saw this truck limo!

Marley loves limos so I got some pictures for her!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Ken Davis was our speaker tonight. If you have not ever heard him speak, look up where you can hear him now and then come back to finish reading this! I have not laughed so much and so hard in a long time! He is a great man of God and definitely uses his gift to make people laugh.


Our conference didn't start until this afternoon so we took the morning to see some sights. We headed to downtown Dallas. I love the big city!
We went to Dealey Plaza.

This is the building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy from a 6th floor window.

This sign on the building tells about what happened. As you can see someone has scratched an underline under the word allegedly.


I am in Arlington, TX for Lifeway's Kid Conference. From the view from our hotel we can see the new Cowboy's Stadium...
And Six Flags.

As you can see it was raining when we got here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Things That Kids Say...

Jim Wideman has said to parents "We will only believe half of what your children tell us about you if you only believe half of what your children tell you about us." Boy is this not great advice. The other night a friend of mine was over. She was Jenna's Sunday school teacher and preschool teacher last year. It was time for the kids to go to bed. I told them to get their jammies on. Jenna looks at my friend and says, "My mommy and daddy doesn't wear jammies!" What could I even say! I just said, "Yes we do." Jenna says, "No you don't" while Hunter is shaking his head no! I guess a big t-shirt doesn't constitute as jammies! But that story is not very funny anymore. This story has mine beat!