Wednesday, September 23, 2009


With all the grand kids together at the same time, my parents wanted to get a picture. We even made them in get in the picture.

But wait, is someone missing? Oh there he is...

over there having a fit! Hunter has decided he doesn't want his picture taken. I have told him that when he grows up and looks back at pictures he is going to wonder where he was. Well now I have a great picture to show him where he was!!

Jenna Goes to School

Jenna started school a few weeks ago.

She loves school. And we are so lucky to have Miss Brenda as our teacher. Marley and Hunter also had her as a teacher.

Every morning she asks me if she gets to go to school that day. She cries when I tell her "not today." I hope she will always enjoy going to school.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today I made a purchse at Amazon with all the gift cards I got from searching on Swagbucks! I had $30 to spend. I bought myself 3 books and the kids one. Easy money! Right now if you sign up and download the new tool bar they are sending a free code a day for the month. That means you can earn $14 by the end of September! Not to mention what you can make while searching! I am one dollar away from another $5 Amazon gift card!

Search & Win

Baking Again!

Yesterday I was making brownies. Jenna asked if she could help. I asked her if her hands were clean. She said "Yes, I just licked them!"