Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch Up

In the month of February the Casino had their lunch buffet at a discounted price. We thought we would take advantage. The kids gorged themselves at the chocolate fountain. (The real reason that we went to the buffet!)
We celebrated Jenna and Mom's birthday at the beginning of March. Jenna turned 3! I am too smart to post Mom's age! Although if I told you you would be very surprised.

We had to make another E.R visit. Hunter hit is head at church one night. He got 7 stitches!

Unfortunately we had a death in the family, but that is one way we get together. Cousin Cody took the kids for a wagon ride pulled by donkeys! The kids loved it.

Marley took a chimes class at church. She performed in front of the church to show off her new talent.

Monday of Spring Break, Burk took they day off to spend with us. We went to the Eagle Watch. Once there we found out the Eagles come in October and leave in March. The only thing we saw was a baby snake!

After that we went to the safari. We always have a great time there. We are so lucky to have this close by. It is so much better than the zoo. This baby camel was born the day before.

During Spring Break I worked at Main Street Studios. Dad watched the kids. The first day I got a call from him pretty early after me dropping the kids off. Jenna had stuck a tic tac up her nose! He brought her up to me with some tweezers. I couldn't get it out. I called the doctor and they made an appointment for a few hours later. Dad took them to lunch. At the appointment he was told the tic tac was no longer in her nose and might have come out when she ate! This is the card Hunter made for Jenna while she was at the doctors:

The last few days of Spring Break the kids spent in Little Rock with Honey and Grandad. Saturday we went half way to pick them up. We came home to snow!

The very next day, Jenna was smelling flowers at Papa's!

Soccer season has begun! So has baseball but no games yet.

That has me caught up through March!


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

A TIC TAC?? Really? Why do kids do things like that?! Do you remember when Trevor swallowed part of a clothespin? I mean, seriously, what was he thinking?!?!

Sorry, anyway, the pictures are great. I love the card that Hunter made. That's a keeper!
Eagle watch-- they have some amazing dragonflies, other birds, and tons of turtles and frogs, too. Ethan spots everything.

And we just went to the safari, too, and saw the baby camel.
Awwww.... did they have the snakes out in the big aquarium on the grass when you were there? And the baby monkey in the diaper? So cute!

Thanks for the Keys update!

Ms Debbie said...

I love the get well card. CLASSIC. Please laminate and save, it is priceless !

dawn said...

As a former tic-tac nose stuffer...I would put the white ones up my nose because I liked the smell...