Friday, December 12, 2008

Sick Kids

Wednesday morning we had a rough time getting out the door. Hunter was complaining that his tummy hurt and didn’t want to go to school. I asked what was going on at school, he just said “It’s too long.” We finally got out the door. I took Marley first so she wouldn’t be late since it was Hunter’s fault. When I went to check Hunter in at school he didn’t want to let me go. The secretary had to pull him off of me! I had planned to work all day in the church office. I was there about an hour when his school nurse called to tell me I was up for the “Mother of the Year Award!” He had thrown up and I needed to go get him. He got sick a few more times during the day and had developed a fever. Thursday he didn’t feel any better and by the afternoon he was complaining of a sore throat. I got an appointment with the Dr. and he confirmed strep throat. When we picked Marley up from school she said her throat hurt. You would think I would learn, but they like to play me! She didn’t feel warm to me. Burk took her temp later and she did have a fever! Luckily the doctor just called in a prescription for us. We have one for the rest of us on standby! This is not a good weekend to be sick. The kids are in a Christmas program at church on Sunday. Tonight was the first dress rehearsal. We have another tomorrow afternoon. We are not guaranteed that Marley will still have her solo after missing tonight. Right now it is not looking good for making it to tomorrow’s rehearsal. She doesn’t want to talk because it hurts how would she be able to sing! I feel terrible she has put a lot of work into this and has been so excited.


Ms Debbie said...

Aww.. who made that rule? She cant help being sick! :) By the way " mommy of the year" I hope when you left him you didnt say.. he MAY be getting sick. I love it when parents say that and then an hour later I am cleaning puke! :)

Kelly said...

No if I thought he was really sick I would never have sent him. I reminded him of the importance of not playing sick so I know when he really is! Also the day he left 5 other kids in his class were gone. I think Strep has gone around his class.

Ms Debbie said...

We had a virus go around not long ago, and... I know you are a good mommy , I am just teasing! :)