Monday, February 1, 2010

Redneck Sledding

Last week we got around 5-6 inches of snow. We normally do not get this much snow and it sure doesn't last this long. Most people are not prepared with the proper clothes to keep warm or the proper sleds to sled on. In fact our W*l-M*rt didn't even get sleds in this year! They must not have checked their persimmon seeds! But this did not stop our town folk! They got very creative.
This young man and his friend stayed up until 3am working on their "sled." It was some kind of a chair that they screwed two skate boards to the bottom.

This family brought two plastic swimming pools. This was not a bad idea. You could take your whole family down at once! You pay big bucks to get into water parks to ride rides similar to this!

We saw a lot cat and dog food bags. This guy decided to wear his. What I would like to know is where is all the food? Some people had more than one bag. Is there a pile of food in the floor at home? If so, it won't be there when they get back.

Once we left this hill we saw someone going down on an air mattress. On Facebook they are telling stories of being pulled behind a truck on a truck hood. I would like to know how many people have old truck hoods lying around. Or maybe I don't! One person used a 4-wheeler to pull each other on a shovel. That just does not sound safe at all to me. Another pulled their kids with a lawn mower! I really should send this to the local stores as a plea to start selling sleds for the safety of our town.


Ms Debbie said...

Cute.. I enjoyed this!

Julie said...

Love this!! You know growing up we had neighbors get their water skis and was pulled ether by 4 wheeler or by truck or by a horse. Now the kids and some of our neighbors took a calf feeder liner out and hooked it to the 4 wheeler and they were pulled the last two snows that was fun. Jon and I even have to get in on that I don't know who is more kid in our family us or our kids.

reece&dana said...

I like the dog food bags! Too funny!!!

Jenny said...

Charlie pulled Joel behind the lawn mower when he was small. I can't even remember what Joel rode - he never had a sled. He never pulled him down hill ;) or very fast.