Friday, January 22, 2010

Not Like Mom's

Last night I tried my hand at biscuits. I pulled the biscuits out of the oven. Well, they didn't quite look like mom's. And they didn't quite tasted like Mom's, but I made gravy. Everything is good with gravy on it right?
Except that the gravy didn't quite taste like Mom's either. Not sure what it tasted like. I just know it wasn't good.

I guess I will have to make chocolate gravy to put on the remaining biscuits. Everything tastes better with chocolate. And chocolate gravy I can make!


shannaedawn said...

Charlie can make some really good biscuits. Mom has made him make several dozen up before so she could freeze them :) I on the other hand can't do biscuits either. Now gravy, well I cheat. I buy the country gravy mix at Walmart, it's about 2 bucks and some change for a decent sized bag (it's in the bulk food section) and we usually get several meals out of that. Dad is the only one that can make gravy any good and he usually doesn't feel like it. If Charlie or I either one try to make it from scratch it either ends up too thick or too runny. But the mix is the closest thing to my grandma's I've ever had....wonderful :)

Julie said...

If your like me nothing ever seems to come out like how Mom does it. But I still keep trying.

Kelly said...

Shannae, I am quite impressed Charlie can make biscuits!! I usually buy the packet mix at walmart. Not quite as good but maybe a little healthier! Nothing is ever as good as moms!