Monday, November 16, 2009

Pine Car Derby

Hunter's Cub Scouts had their annual Pine Car Derby Race this weekend. Here are some of the fancy cars. Hunter's is the second from the left. The blue truck with metal on it. He was underweight so they had to add some. This was our first year and had no idea how fancy some of them got.

Here is the starting line. It is all computerized. The computer tells which car is running the quickest and what lane each car needs to race on on the next heat.

Here comes Hunter's blue truck in the lead on this heat.

Here is the finish line.

Fancy or not, Hunter got 3rd place in his den! It was quite exciting!

Here is Hunter with his friend Trey.

Nan and Pops were there for the victory! He is showing off his trophy.

We went for celebratory ice cream afterwards!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! If the one of Ben turned out, will you please email it to me?