Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Those Firemen

This post is from last fall.
I went out to check on the kids climbing the tree. I heard someone talking to them. I looked a little closer...

The firemen were out checking their trucks. One of them thought the kids would like it if he swiveled the ladder around towards the tree. When I came out to take pictures he decided to lower it so...

the kids could be the only ones in our town to have their pictures made like this!

The fireman on the right even posed the kids putting the biggest to the smallest!

He posed them again on the front bumper.

What cute kiddos!

They got to sit the in seats that firemen ride in.

He took their picture with this heat sensor camera. If you look closely you can see their images. Pretty cool. He put his hand on the wall on the truck for a few seconds, then took it off and pointed the camera where his hand had been. You could tell where the heat of his hand was still on the truck.

We have the best firemen!

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