Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Three days of school. That is all it took! Jenna’s teacher let me know that she bit a classmate! I am mortified! There are two things that I can’t stand one is biting, the other is spitting! I have given her a time-out, spanking and have even bit her back for biting at home. I have been told I need to bite her harder! I am not sure I can do that! Does anyone have any advice?

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Anonymous said...

When Elijah was biting. I sat him down and told him I was so disappointed in him. How could he hurt other people like that? We talked about using words instead of biting. He cried when I told him I was disappointed in him and never bit again.
Alyssa bit about two seconds after we had the same kind of talk with her. I took her "lovey" away when she bit again. That was a very big deal to her.
Each kid is different. Try everything until you find what works for Jenna.