Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jenna in the Park

Jenna and I had an evening to ourselves. Marley stayed the night with a friend and Pops took Hunter to a Monster Truck Rally! So we hung out at the park. We played on the playground.

Jenna even caught me when I came down the slide.

We fed the ducks. Luckily I had left a bag of bread in the back of the car and it got smashed. So we had lots to feed the hungry ducks!

We went back to the playground, where Jenna got very brave.

She had to go down this slide.

I remember the first time Marley went down this slide. She was probably Jenna’s age. Daddy climbed up with her but he could not fit through the top quick enough. All I saw was Marley going head over feet down the slide. She didn’t get hurt and wanted to go right back up. And as for Jenna she did fine. Except a little static!

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