Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just to prove I was there!

They had classes for the kids while I went to mine. The building in the back was where Hunter and Jenna went. Jenna went on this front side and Hunter on the other side.

To get Marley to her class we had to climb a very big hill. 6 times each day!! If only I could do that everyday!
This was at the start of it.

The walkway on the right is where we would take Jenna.
The Y at the very top of the hill is where we turn right to Marley's class.

They had a shuttle that came around but it always went the opposite direction than we were going. This last day it was actually going the same way and the driver asked us if we would like a ride. But I wanted to take these pictures and by then it was getting a little easier!

In the picture below you can see how the road is going to the left. You climb that hill and the kids directors meet you there to check kids in. Once they do the kids have to hike even further to get to their class. Luckily, that is as far as the parents have to go. But your legs are so weak from climbing the hill you don't think you can go back down!

The kids are very well taken care of. This is two of Marley's camp leaders. On the last day the guy wouldn't let Marley leave without giving him a hug goodbye.

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