Saturday, July 5, 2008


About a month ago a storm blew through while we were at church and knocked our fence down and our dogs got out. We looked around and could not find them. Monday I called Animal Control to see if they had them. They took my number and said someone had found them and they would be calling me. The lady who found them just happens to be a lab rescuer (our dogs are labs.) We went to get them and my dad and uncle came over to fix our fence. It was good as new. A few days later I wake up to the doorbell ringing. It was our neighbor telling me the dogs had just run past her house. I checked our fence. They had used their noses to lift the latch and let themselves out. I loaded up the kids and went looking for them. I found them running a few streets over. Did I mention it was raining? They were soaking wet and I had to lift them up into the back of the Suburban. I took them home. I put a stick in the fence thinking that might hold them. While I had everyone loaded up I went to get my drink from Sonic! When I got back they were out again! We headed back out to find them. We spotted them on the busy road close to our house. They were chasing cars. I had to keep telling the kids to hide their eyes thinking they were going to get hit. We got them back in and secured the fence. Over the course of the next several weeks they had dug themselves out at several places. I filled the holes with rocks and big logs. The fire department is right behind us and one of the firemen has taken to our dogs. He brings over food and scraps often. Which might be part of the reason they are getting out! But he has brought them back several times. Finally two Sunday’s ago they took off again. Wednesday the lab rescuer calls me. She saw in the paper that someone found two yellow labs. She called them and then called me to see if ours were missing. I call the person who found them. She said she would keep them overnight and then take them to the rescuers house who said she would keep them until we could fix our fence. The next day I got a call from the finder who said that now the rescuer could not keep them and she was going out of town. So I went and picked them up. But by Saturday morning they were gone again. It looks like they just pushed themselves under the fence. We have not heard from them since. The night we brought them home we let them stay in the house most of the time. They were calmer than they usually were. Probably tired from running. They just laid in the floor where Jenna pulled their ears and tails. I hope that a loving family has found them.

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The Johnsons said...

That's awful! I don't know how you could get those dogs to stay! Sounds like they want to stay out. I sure hope you find them, AGAIN! And I hope you can keep them safe in the back yard. I'm sure the kids are heartbroken. If I see them, I'll let you know!