Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rodeo Parade

We headed downtown to watch the rodeo parade. Our first stop was Jolly Roger’s Candy Shoppe! The choices, the choices.

Since we were the first people on the street we got the best seat on the block!!

We waved at all the horse and riders as they went along. Then we heard someone yelling our names. We looked closer and it was our good friend Anna Grace!

Jenna loved the parade. She was excited by everything that came by.

She was really excited to see the baby horse!

These horses were not up for being in a parade. They did not want to turn the corner until a guy jumped off the back and got them going again. Once around the corner they headed straight to us!!! I couldn’t get any pictures. I was trying to get my kids off the curb!

Marley and Hunter’s favorite part of the parade is this next picture. They thought it was funny! In fact after the parade they wanted to drive around and look at it!

Aren’t you glad I didn’t bring my zoom lens!

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