Friday, June 13, 2008


I decided this summer that it was long over due to start my kids doing chores. I thought we would start easy. They would have to make their beds before we could go to the pool. After a week or so I would add something else. But the little punks have decided to sleep on top of the bed and use the small quilt that Honey (their grandmother) made them to cover up with. So when they wake up their bed is already made!! I started thinking maybe I should do that. Then I remembered I used to be able to just slide in and out of the covers. You could not even tell that I had slept in the bed. Then I married Burk! He can take a pillowcase off his pillow while he sleeps! He tosses around so much I don’t know how he keeps from throwing me out! Maybe I should make the kids make my bed!! I will let you know how that goes!! But I am sure you already know!


Anonymous said...

My kids have 3 chores every morning - brush teeth, make bed & Bible study (which may just mean looking at the picture Bible for them). With swimming lessons at 930, they are not always required to finish before we go. Good luck!

Thanks for letting me be anon ;-)

Envoy-ette said...

Just wait till they go to bed with the next day's clothes on! Good luck with the chores!