Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

It has been our tradition for several years now to celebrate the 4th at my parents. Partly because they live outside city limits and we can shoot fireworks. I bribed the kids with festive garb if they would let me get a few good pictures of them!

As you can see Jenna's headband didn't quite make it through the day!

Part of our tradition is to shoot the parachutes first. We shoot them off in the garden where there is open space.

And the kids fight over who gets to catch the parachutes.

This one was called 82nd Airborne. It came with a little green Army guy attached. Hunter really wanted it because Uncle Bill was apart of the 82nd.

Then we move back to the front yard to light the smoke bombs.

Dad and Uncle Bill sit back and enjoy the show.

This picture of Mom and Aunt Karon was taken before a firecracker was sent flying towards them. Hence the smiling, they had no idea what was about to happen. I won't tell you that it was one of Mom's son-in-law's that lit it. I also won't tell you that she only has one son-in-law.

Next up is our little Drama Queen! She is acting like she is afraid of the fireworks. But after that last one maybe she was!!

Marley collected all the pretty fireworks that have been shot off. We bagged them up to bring home to display in her room.

Oops! I think that is the bag that made it to the curb. Maybe she will wake up before the trash guys come by. Or maybe she won't.

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