Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm

We are very fortunate that we still have power. Many in the area do not and may not for a few days. My parents do not have power. They are using a kerosene heater that keeps them pretty warm. It went out on them last night but my dad has it fixed now. They can still use their stove and Mom has a pot of stew on! We have offered to come get them but they are refusing. They said they have trees down all over. They must have a hedge of protection around them. They keep hearing branches fall all around but they have missed the house and the propane tank! My niece Sami lost power yesterday as well. But she is going to come to our house soon. We did lose power yesterday for about 3 hours when this tree finally fell on the power lines.
Burk and the kids went out to inspect and the fireman told them not to play around power lines!!
I have plenty more pictures. I will be them posting soon.

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