Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harvest Celebration

Our church had a Harvest Celebration last night. They had inflatables to play on.

Games to play. Jenna played in the balls with her best friend Annalise.

This was the never-ending cake walk. Everyone wanted to play!

The best part was the Illusionists. Here is there web site:
Camden got to go up on stage. Here he is testing the ropes, making sure they are strong.

Next they put him in this black jacket.

Then he helped tie up the assistant. I think he got it a little tight.

Then they both got in this screen.

When the screen came off the assistant was wearing the black jacket and Camden was very surprised! He didn't even know he was not wearing it until David told him to look!

Next Hunter got on the stage. They both got scarves. They had to pretend they were different colors. Like the red scarf was really blue.

Hunter holding up the "blue" and "yellow" scarves.

They put the scarves in the bag and made sure they were there.

The scarves turned into one long rainbow scarf!

The best part was at the end. They made it snow in the sanctuary! When it fell on us it was even wet! I guess Marley caught some flakes on her tongue she said it tasted like soap!

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