Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dentist Appointment

Today Marley and Hunter had their 6-month dental check up. We got a great report, no cavities! But it makes me think about our previous dentist. We were going to a pediatric dentist before but our insurance changed and didn’t cover them anymore. This is the second time we have been to this new dentist. Well Hunter went when he had his bike wreck but the second time for checkups. Both times we have had no cavities. Every time we went to the pediatric dentist they found cavities and had lots of work that needed done. Even when we were just going for cleanings the kids had to take a whole day off of school. Today we were in and out in 40minutes. I just can’t believe that a dentist for children would treat kids this way by making appointments last longer than necessary and doing excessive work. It makes me wonder how much of the work done could have been avoided if we had not gone to the pediatric dentist.


dawn said...

Look at the other side of the coin - what if your current dentist is not doing his job correctly and is missing the cavities?

Kelly said...

I sure don't want to look at it that way Dawn!! Someone once told me that regular dentist do not do as much work on baby teeth because they will be losing them.